This price is for doors up to 1500mm wide. The price for wider doors is available on request.
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Made to measure pivot door

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Product information

The steel pivot door has no frame. The pivot mechanism is placed in the floor and ceiling. This provides a spacious turning circle and allows the door to open to both sides. Luxurious and timeless. Especially the steel pivot doors from MetalWorxx, as we have one of the slimmest profiles in the Netherlands!

The steel pivot door has a turning circle of 180 degrees. It can open 90 degrees from the closed position, both to the left and right, and then stays in a parked position. The pivot door can be combined with other elements according to your preferences. Both a single and double door is possible. This can be with or without sidelights.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the lead time for a steel door or steel facade?

    A black steel door from the Steel Doors Outlet is in stock. Custom-made steel doors or custom-made steel facades have a lead time of approximately 8 working weeks after approval of the drawing and receipt of the deposit. The steel door can be delivered to an address of your choice within the Netherlands.

  • I want to buy a steel door. How does it work?

    If you want to order a custom-made steel door, calculate the price online on this website. Once the price for the steel door and other information is approved, we will initiate the order. The deposit invoice will be sent. After that, we will discuss the details, measure the steel frame if desired, and create a technical drawing. After approval of the drawing, production begins. The lead time is approximately 8 working weeks. Once the steel door is ready, we will contact you about the delivery. Need a standard size? Steel doors from the Steel Doors Outlet are available from stock.

  • Can I install the steel door and/or steel facade myself?

    Our steel interior doors are designed to be easily self-assembled by professionals or DIYers. For the installation of the steel door, a square and level-finished opening with enough “meat” for screw attachment is required. When using a steel pivot door, it must be checked beforehand whether it can be screwed into the floor due to underfloor heating. Download the installation manual for a steel hinged door below. If desired, we can install the steel doors and frames.

  • Can a steel door be installed in a wooden frame?

    MetalWorxx’s steel doors with glass come with a slim steel frame. The steel frame can be easily installed in a wooden frame. We make the steel door and frame to fit the existing wooden frame. Then the steel frame can be screwed into the wooden frame, and the steel door can be hung in it. The advantage is that no demolition or repair work such as plastering is required.

  • What should I consider when buying black interior doors?

    Industrial doors and black doors with glass come in many variations. Often, however, they are not steel doors but aluminum black doors or wooden black doors. The advantage of real steel is the extremely slim profile that is not possible with wood, for example. Wooden black doors have a wide profile, making the door less transparent and stylish. Another advantage of a steel door and steel interior is that it requires no maintenance. Therefore, when buying a black interior door, it is important to pay attention to whether it is a steel door or an alternative.

  • What is the difference between a steel door and an aluminum door?

    Aluminum doors are a less qualitative alternative to steel doors. Steel is stronger than aluminum. Therefore, a steel door offers more durability than a black aluminum door. The black steel door has an extremely long lifespan. Due to the strength of steel, the steel frames have a much slimmer profile than aluminum doors or other alternative doors such as wooden profile doors. This makes the steel door sleeker and more stylish.

  • What dimensions are possible for a steel interior facade or steel door?

    MetalWorxx’s steel facades and doors can be custom-made. You determine the size, the panel distribution, and the layout. There are maximum dimensions (width vs. height) for different types of steel doors. For larger dimensions, a thickened profile for the bars is used in some cases. This is the same thickness as the frame, making it almost unnoticeable. When calculating the price and the type of steel doors, it is indicated at what dimensions this applies.

    Steel hinged door: max. 2200 x 1100mm, 2500 x 1000mm, or 3000 x 900mm.

    Steel pivot door and steel sliding door: max. 2200 x 1400mm, 2500 x 1200mm, 2800 x 1100mm, or 3000 x 1000mm.

    Fixed element: max. 2200 x 1500mm, 2500 x 1500mm, or 3000 x 1500mm.

    Larger dimensions are available on request.

  • Is the steel door delivered with a steel frame?

    A steel hinged door comes with a steel frame. Therefore, no wooden frame or another frame is needed. The steel frame with the steel door can be placed directly in the opening. A steel pivot door does not need a frame, so no wooden frame is needed. The pivot system is attached to the floor and ceiling. A steel sliding door also does not require a frame. The sliding system can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

  • Is your steel door with glass only for indoors or also for outdoors?

    MetalWorxx’s steel doors and steel walls are for indoor use only. The steel frames are not weather-resistant for outdoor use.

Real steel doors

The use of steel doors and frames compared to aluminum has many advantages. They are of higher quality and a more durable product.

The advantages of steel doors and frames versus aluminum:
A longer lifespan, because steel is stronger
A slimmer profile, which ensures a more beautiful design and more chic appearance
Better quality due to better stability (no movement/shaking when opening and closing the door)
Larger dimensions are possible
Steel is more sustainable/less harmful to the environment
MetalWorxx scores 9.8/10


“Extremely happy with the door from MetalWorxx! It gives our ‘standard’ new-build home a very stylish, sturdy look. We are very satisfied with the contact (very helpful!). And all the help and support during installation. Super!”

Annelies Borgdorff

“Recently, our pivot door was installed between the living and dining room. The end result is even more beautiful than we could have imagined beforehand. Beautiful stylish and especially sturdy door in matte black. From the first contact with Metalworxx, pleasant maintenance and neat completion. The installation was done by very skilled gentlemen. Compliments!”

Frank Verweij

For more reviews, check our Google Business account.


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minimum/Maximum Dimensions

The minimum dimensions for a pivot door are:

  • 500mm x 1800mm

The maximum dimensions for a pivot door are:

  • 2200mm x 1400mm
  • 2500mm x 1200mm
  • 2800mm x 1100mm
  • 3000mm x 1000mm